Facebook vs Twitter

In this blog post I will do some comparing out of the two dominate social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. I will discuss some good points for both.

Lets start with Facebook the leading social media platform for all your needs. Whether you use it for business or just a personal messenger to stay up to date with the world. Facebook is the leading social media platform for many reasons. One reason being advertising, such as pay per click ads. Facebook has some amazing targeting features for their pay per click ads. Whether your targeting by age, niche, or country region they have many ways to target your audience. Another good point is you can advertise for as low as $1 a day, giving it a better advantage even over Google! Advertising on Facebook only gets better because of how big of a user base they have.

Another point on Facebook is how easy you can make a business or profile page. They make it incredibly easy to build a page for any reason whether that’s for a cause, your business, or personal reasons. Facebook makes it so easy to communicate with your fellow colleagues. By sending a simple friend request, by commenting or poking them, liking their status or better yet hearting their status! Engaging with people on Facebook increases the likelihood of having more engagement on your profile or your Facebook business page. Stay active on Facebook and your page will only grow!

Now lets talk about Twitter. Sending out a tweet every once in awhile won’t hurt. Twitter is the second leading social media platform only behind the social giant Facebook. Twitter has some features such as limiting your posts to a certain amount of characters. Which in turn has lead to more strategic posts on their platform. Twitter has a higher rate of hashtags than Facebook does too. Twitter also shows the trending hashtags for the most used words throughout their platform at any given time. Retweeting on Twitter is as easy as a share is on Facebook with the same general idea that you share the post with your audience. Liking a post on Twitter can draw engagement to your Twitter page or Twitter business page. Engagement is crucial on any social media platform so stay active!

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